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Our journey into Northern India started in Delhi where the sounds, smells, and sights are at first overwhelming. But once you start walking through old Delhi, led by a “Dilliwallah”, you begin to feel  the ancient city as stories are being told that go back thousands of years. We spent several days eating and talking with the locals. Later we travelled to Udaipur where we stayed at the luxurious Taj Lake Palace which is surrounded by the waters of Lake Pichola. This palace is famous for the filming of the James Bond movie “Octopussy”. We saw many more palaces and temples on our day-trips. The city of Jaipur was awesome. We stood inside a traffic circle and snapped our photos, as camels and oxen were slowly pulling their goods and navigating their way through cars, motorcycles and people. The women were wearing such colourful saris, so of course we had to go shopping and get one tailor made for ourselves.

To escape the busyness of the cities we went to Bandhavgarh National Park, where we went on a jeep safari to see the tigers in the wild. The lodge we stayed in was a five star resort sprawling over 40 acres. We also travelled by road to Khajuraho, a tranquil town of temples, which is a UNESCO site. There we were fortunate to witness men and women worshipping at a temple. The colourful dress and rituals were wonderful to see.  But, the crown jewel of our stay was in Agra, where the majestic “Taj Mahal” stands. At sunrise we saw this “Seventh Wonder of the World” and we were not disappointed, what grandeur!

Throughout our trip we saw many historical sights, but the best  memories I took away with me were of the India people. They were so friendly and always willing to have their photo taken with smiles abounding. If  you are interested in touring India, call me, I would love to share my experience.

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