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African Safari

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Our 14 day African safari began in Nairobi when our local Kenyan guide loaded all six of us into a Safari Jeep for the “trip of a lifetime”. During the trip we would visit many parks in both Kenya and Tanzania. In Samburu National Reserve, within a 3 hour game drive, we saw the Big Five, “Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and the Rhino”. One of the most vivid memories, unfortunately for a wart hog, was thirteen lions having lunch. The lions were within a few feet of our safari jeep and they showed no concern over the clicking of our cameras.  What a photo – one for  “National Geographic”.

In Tanzania we floated over the Serengeti Desert in a  balloon, watching lions, zebra and wildebeest, which were easily spotted from above. After landing, chilled champagne was served while we ate our breakfast. Being on a game drive in the Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO site which is phenomenal, we had a rare sighting of a Black Rhino which was the highlight of the day.

The local guides were excellent in relating the history and culture of their countries, as well as  having great “eyes” for the spotting of animals and birdlife. The people, the country and the wildlife made our African Safari a travel experience that we will never forget. You are in an isolated part of the world staying at luxurious tented lodges. When night time falls you may hear the roar of a lion saying goodnight! If you are interested in learning more about an African safari or want to book “your trip of a lifetime”, call me.

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